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Students intrigued by the medical field’s most versatile career paths 14.11.2017

Students intrigued by the medical field’s most versatile career paths

During the “Lääketeollisuus tutuksi”-tour arranged in October, pharmaceutical students were able to get acquainted with the pharmaceutical field and the career possibilities offered by Oriola. About 250 students in total participated in the tour in...
Veterinary medicines successfully into the market 16.6.2017

Veterinary medicines successfully into the market

On Tuesday 6th June, a group of representatives from veterinary medicine companies came together over breakfast to hear about the challenges associated with veterinary medicines. Paula Kajaste, Coordinator for marketing authorisations, Fimea, told about the quality of product information texts...
The medicines verification system is coming – are you ready? 15.6.2017

The medicines verification system is coming – are you ready?

On 7th June, we organised a breakfast meeting with our customers regarding the medicines verification system. Maija Gohlke-Kokkonen, CEO of the Finnish Medicines Verification Organisation FiMVO (Suomen Lääkevarmennus Oy), reviewed the status of the system. She told...
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Job Stories

Why am I working at Farenta?

The first time I heard about Farenta was during my studies. The possibility to select my working days flexibly and to see several pharmacies quickly confirmed my decision. This is where I wanted to work! I signed my contract already...

Vocational qualification in pharmaceutical sales, pharmacy and animal hospital

I graduated in 2000 and since then I have worked in a pharmacy. I joined Farenta in the autumn of 2008. Before coming to Farenta, I spent my days at home with my children for 4 years, and, at the same time, worked...

Fulltime mom

In my values, my family has always gone before my career.  I graduated as a pharmacist when our second child was a few months old. It was important for me then to test my newly acquired skills and Farenta...

Training channel opens the door for pharmaceutical industry tasks

Pharmacist Heidi Malinen started work at Farenta in the summer of 2013- immediately after graduation. During spring 2013, she was performing her on-the-job training in a hospital pharmacy in Ireland. Graduation was approaching and while in exchange, Heidi thought about her...
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Farenta integrates pharmaceutical industry competences, pharmaceutical staff professionalism and electronic support services for the pharmaceutical field into one coherent entity.

Farenta personnel work in the pharmaceutical industry, throughout every phase of a medicinal product's life cycle, and in pharmacies to ensure pharmaceutical services.

Farenta Net increases the knowledge of pharmaceutical staff members of medicinal products and improves the operational conditions of both pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies by providing new innovative solutions.

Farenta enhances local know-how of the international pharmaceutical industry environment by training specialists and developing forward-looking service models for the needs of the pharmaceutical field.


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