Answering a real-life evidence challenge in a community pharmacy

Posted on October 22, 2015

The newly established company FARENTA Polska has just started efforts to create and activate a pharmacy research network in Poland. It is first step in setting up FARENTA operations in Poland. Inspired by the Finnish technology and experience in real-world data (RWD) research, we first launched a FARENTA campaign in Poland to establish the first research network for pharmacy professionals.

In Poland, pharmacists belong to the most trusted healthcare professionals, which, in combination with their knowledge and easy access to patients, make them ideal real-life medical and pharmaceutical practice researchers. Around 2 million people visit pharmacies in Poland everyday - persons with different needs, being under different types of care… It creates a unique opportunity to collect RWD from them, without any unnecessary interventions and reflect on their quality of life, needs, disease burdens, the comparative effectiveness of medicines, adherence, safety information and even more. RWD helps to establish the direction of desired changes in healthcare, broaden experimental knowledge by information from daily practice and show how services and products affect the cost and quality of health care.

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Marcin Balcerzak